This Compact Prefab Office Pod Looks Like a Futuristic Spacecraft

2022-06-15 15:48:50 By : Mr. Tony Chou

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Zsuzsa Darab - Hello Wood

Working from home isn't always as easy as it might hypothetically sound: While there is no grueling commute, it's still all too easy to get distracted by miscellaneous chores, or perhaps the kids boisterously being kids. Whatever it may be, with many people finding it necessary to continue to work from home, many are also finding it necessary to find ways to carve out a space that's dedicated solely to getting work done.

So it's little wonder that interest in prefabricated home office units has grown since last year. After all, if one has the extra bit of space in the backyard, these pre-built modules can typically be delivered and installed in a day or two, making them a convenient and quick option. While most of the prefab home offices we've seen are generally orthogonal in shape, the Workstation Cabin from Hungarian design studio Hello Wood is an outlier, with its eye-catching angles that make it seem like it's a compact futuristic spacecraft of some sort.

But the concept behind isn't that alien. The idea is to give those working from home a more secluded option, and since the pod sits on metal stilts that are attached to the earth with ground screws, the structure also has a minimal environmental impact on the site.

As Hello Wood co-founder Dávid Ráday explained to Dwell:

According to the designers, the exterior form and the interior space were configured to the hypothetical use patterns of up to six people. There is indeed an intentional leaning toward a futuristic aesthetic, said Ráday: "We took inspiration from the design of space capsules, and the cabin was refined step by step before reaching its final form."

The 91-square-foot interior space is clad with FSC-certified Scots pine wood panels and comes with integrated electrical outlets for plugging work devices in.

Except for one fixed bench which is used to hide the optional heating and air-conditioning unit, the interior is a flexible space that can be easily altered to suit different uses.

For example, a detachable desk can be added to transform the pod into a quiet workspace or meeting room, or removed completely in order to make space for a mattress, thus creating a guest room or even a kids' playroom.

The studio explains that the Workstation Cabin is designed for two groups of potential users. In the first group would be companies looking to provide a unique environment for meetings to happen in, and more private spaces for employees to work in. The second group would include individuals and families looking for that secluded workspace at home, which can double as a guest room or creative space.

The careful engineering behind the Workstation Cabin ensures that it is weathertight: Each of the module's soundproofed and insulated 15 sides are fabricated using CNC machines, which helps to reduce material wastage, and the specially designed joints ensure a tight fit.

To help make the small interior feel larger, the walls of this sculptural-looking unit are punctuated with two polygonal windows and a skylight that filter natural daylight through, says Ráday:

Pricing for the Workstation Cabin starts at $28,000 with the option to add on extra features like a sound system, mood lighting, television screen, and a small outdoor deck made of two hexagonal elements.

To find out more information, visit Hello Wood and Instagram.

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